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Alternative (more fitting) headlines for this website:

  • Marie Osterman: actor, director, shaker of bones

  • Marie Osterman: actor, director, projector (they're loud!

  • Marie Osterman: currently seeking representation, and her car keys 

  • Marie Osterman: Seriously, Has Anyone Seen My Keys? I Could've Sworn I Had Them 5 Minutes Ago? 

  • Arby's: We Have The Meats


Marie Osterman is a queer, Russian-American, LA-based theatre artist with a passion for Shakespeare, intersectional feminism, modern dance, birds, and phrases that rhyme. Marie recently graduated from UCLA's School of Theatre, Film & Television where she studied acting and directing. They're currently the associate managing director (and #1 fan) of Project Nongenue, an LA-based feminist theatre collective that works to center the voices of marginalized women and queer identities through classical text. They hope to continue to create, collaborate, and perform in work that engages in active conversation with the social atmosphere around her. 

Artist Statement: 

​Marie Osterman is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, movement, improvisation, writing, and directing theatre. Their work centers around generosity, queer embodiment, and politics of the body. Marie’s generative art combines her classically-trained background in theatremaking elements with her experience teaching and studying contact improvisation with the mission of facilitating intimate and playful creative spaces. They believe in a theatre that empowers and emboldens participants and audiences alike-- a generous theatrical space that has room to hold what needs to be held, and ignite conversation and community. 

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